Friday, November 14, 2014


Well, as the title suggests these are some inferences about life that I've somewhat arrived at. They may be called Aphorisms. Of course, I realize that living by these is not easy, but I just hope they influence me in a positive way. I hope you too can identify with some of them.

Talent needs courage in order to be efficient.

An idea is like a plant, it dies if it is not nurtuted.

Rationality is a gift to us but very often it is the thing that stops us from fulfilling our dreams.

The main reason behind being depressed is not being where you are destined to be.

It is courage and consistency that makes an extraordinary man different from others.

A human mind can’t do without knowing, it always wants to know more.

Guilt is nothing to be afraid of. Every guilt trip is just an indicator of your improvement. It actually encourages you to improve more.

Ego is the root of all problems. It should be minimized as much as possible.

It is only acceptance that gives you peace.

Religion is but a simplified version of spirituality, it is for the masses.

Science was observed because men wanted reason.