Friday, November 21, 2014

The Guilt (Poem)

We all make mistakes. We all feel guilty about making them, some time or the other. Most of us forget about our misdeeds easily. Some of us keep on reminding ourselves of them. Here is the expression of a person whose guilty conscience  and  quality of self - criticism help him become a better person. But is he really done with his inner - battle?

Twice I apologized and was lovingly forgiven,

But inside the heart guilt is hidden.

There’s a hole in it that cannot be filled,

No matter what I do I cannot remove this guilt.

If only I could go in history,

And take back the misery.

But alas, that isn’t possible,

Regret is something which is possible.

In the mind a storm is brewing,

Reprimanding and criticizing.

I try hard to calm it down,

But the guilt often makes me frown.

Of the guilt I try hard to get rid,

But how can I, after what I did?

I accept that it will always be there,

And for the future I prepare.

Nevertheless, all of it transforms me,

Into a fairly pleasant personality.

Yet there’s a hole in the heart that cannot be filled.

No matter what I do I cannot remove this guilt.