Monday, December 22, 2014

Some More Inferences

The path to perfection does not have a rational destination but a satisfactory one.

The biggest difficulty lies not in working hard to achieve something but in continuing to work hard after the achievement.

There is no room for ego when one realizes that people have different viewpoints and that each one of them is equally right, in its own way, as any other.

Being philosophical is the basic tendency of any person. Each person has a philosophy upon which he/she bases his/her decisions.

What keeps us from excelling is that we don’t realize that we truly are powerful.

The greatest lessons of life are taught to us when we are very young, in the form of short stories. We forget about them for a while and again start believing in them when we start awakening. 

A truly favorite thing is something that the inner – self can flawlessly identify with. It is a lifelong companion.

Some or the other type of commonness of feeling things exists between those who are close to each other.

True victory lies not in showing off your strengths but in accepting your weaknesses.

The first step towards improvement is that you stop lying to yourself by accepting things as they really are.

I once believed in a philosophy, forgot about it and again started believing in it. The philosophy is: Everything is possible.