Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Unusual Incident (Poem)

The reason why I did not insert any quote or image is that even after finishing writing it all, I could not arrive at any specific conclusion. So, I decided to describe it only as a portrayal of an imagined incident and leave the post to just about the poem. Dear reader, I hope you enjoy reading it.

I in fine mood and attire.
 Was out for fresh air to acquire.
Down a street I was strolling,
      Down a street that had lack of patrolling.    
Each inhalation of the pleasant air,
     Was itself a reward too fair.       
    Soon were heard loud steps of a man,   
But I didn’t then turn around to scan.

The contemplation I resumed,
Assuming not that I’ll soon be doomed. 
Shortly, the walking behind turned to running,
And around I turned to see the cunning.

As black as the lovely night,
Were robes of he who caused the fright.
On his face anger was reflected,
And by this he seemed greatly affected.

 Now was the dark tool in front of me,
The one by which could he reap all glee.
Some currency I timidly extended,
But it did not make the devil splendid.

Sensing that my end was near,
I closed my eyes and recalled the dear.
But to me the tool he forcefully handed,
For his end he painfully demanded.

I was invited to the dreadful hell,
In which he would always dwell.
And I dropped the dark instrument,
On the very thought of that torment.

His ego was hurt for his begging I did nill,
And for this he could not help but kill.
So the dark tool was picked by its master,
Who was yet to perform one great disaster.

As the tool came in, the light went out,
So did all the seeds that were yet to sprout.
During this exchange, I did notice in his eyes the pain:  
  The pain that had helped him this darkness to attain.

There on the ground lifeless I lay,
And walked on the man who did slay.
Himself he didn’t harm for he was scared again,
Indicated this his decision to stay in the dark chain.