Sunday, December 14, 2014

Feeling It

He felt It, he really did. He felt It one fine evening after ages. All the while, he used to sit under the night sky and gaze at the stars above, but he couldn’t find It. He tried hard but failed each time. He was scared but he patiently waited. He patiently waited for he knew he would feel It again. He wouldn’t find It but It would come to him. He knew that trying would never help, yet he tried and failed always.

That night, he was at peace. He was silent after a very long time. He gazed at the shining full moon above and sure enough he felt It. All big and small revolts in his person listened to It. For once, he wasn’t tempted about anything. For once, he wasn’t pushing himself. For once, he wasn’t restless. For once, he wasn’t scared.  For once, he was totally accepting.

It was a winter night but he was outside. He couldn’t sit on the chair, he had to feel the earth. The ground was cold, yet he sat on it. The ground felt warm, it comforted him like a mother does her child. He had some work allotted to him, yet he sat. He sat for It was far more important for him than that work. For the first time, he was feeling really good after creating something. He hadn’t received any appreciation for it as such, yet he felt satisfied. And sure enough, he had worked very hard.

His noodles were tasteless, yet he found them mesmerizing. Eating bland food sometimes was a good thing, he thought. His favorite soothing music was playing on the side and his heart responded to each and every expression made by the instruments and voices.He wished that the night should never pass but soon hushed this desire for he had to truly feel It, in the present. He had gone through a noisy period before this, which made It all the more blissful. He knew It won’t last for long. Despite this knowledge, he wasn’t scared. He decided he would save It. He would save It, replay It, rejoice in It.


We all feel "It". For me, "It" can somewhat be identified in some songs. Here is the link of one such song. Dear reader, I request you to kindly go to the following link as the song is an integral part of the post. Thank you.