Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inferences III

 I had last published on the blog in December. During this six month-break from blogging, I got plenty of time to observe and hence infer more. Here are eleven such inferences and I plan to publish some more of them subsequently on the blog. Dear reader, I hope you enjoy the read and identify with these inferences as much as I do.  

Everyone has a different way of showing concern.

Loneliness starts becoming solitude when you start accepting yourself.

Optimism should not overpower rationality. If it does, it discontinues being optimism. It becomes stupidity. 

Every event should be seen as an opportunity to learn.

Art is one platform where you are not limited by any restrictions. You really are free to fly.

Having flaws is the best thing that can happen to a person.

Naming people is necessary but comical. Throughout one’s life, one’s prime identifier continues to be just a word.

The joy of falling asleep early and waking up early is much greater than the mere pleasure of staying up till late and waking up late. Yet most of us choose to do the latter. This is but an example of our attachment to lethargy and darkness.

Changing a habit is actually very easy. You just have to train your body and/or mind in a particular manner.

Failure is inevitable and necessary. There’s no doubt about that. However, we must rise above it immediately. It is much harder to cope up if the rise is delayed.

The deeper you go, the higher you reach.

Photo by Suhas Mehra